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"We feel very fortunate to have you build our house in Powhatan County, VA. We had seen your work in other communities and I am convinced we couldn’t found a better, more skilled organizer, and follow up builder. You participated in the early design stages by making cost saving suggestions and provided several quotes that resulted in providing the features we desired in the house and stayed within our budget with a minimal amount of overrun. The quoted time frame to build the house was extended due to bad weather. You made the best of this by having an inclement weather schedule that allowed some work to continue.

You knew the right government departments and staff to contact to obtain the many permits and approvals required to begin constructing. You employed government-approved inspectors to be on site to make inspections when the government inspectors were not available. This prevented delays and kept the project on schedule. The final inspections were done in a timely manner, resulting in an approved “Certificate of Occupancy” to be issued.

You allowed us to select materials and suppliers we were comfortable with, resulting in some cost savings. You kept us informed as to the “need date” so we would not hold up the time line. You provided materials to the job site as needed by the various subcontractors. This scheduling prevented excess material being on site, preventing losses due to damage and misplacement. This assisted in keeping a neat and tidy work place. You and the subcontractors were open to unforeseen changes and these changes were made with very little additional cost or no cost at all.

The subcontractors were skilled in their trade and easy to work with. They made suggestions as to placement of lights, equipments, and utilities. You did an excellent job of scheduling them so each individual skill did not interfere with another, and yet, had them on site when needed. You managed to have HVAC, cabinetmakers, and electricians on site when all three trades were required for the installation of the kitchen cook top duct.

You strived to keep the project on schedule and within budget by using different suppliers and subcontractors when costs were high and/or they were not available. All replacements meet the required quality and skill levels required, and in some cases exceeded the requirements. You maintained financial accountability and provided data well in advance of any draws. Thank you for overseeing the building of our house. You did an excellent job with it and we are well satisfied with the outcome and will enjoy it for years to come.

Franklin and Joyce Leep, Homeowners in Powhatan, VA

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